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20150518 FOTW


   Guess who just got a contouring palette. I'm gonna be completely honest: there isn't a whole lot of differences between a contour palette and a matte eyeshadow.. Which I usually use to contour instead. The one I got was ULTA brand and created for light to medium skin with a neutral/cool tones. What I liked the most was the size of the pans, and the handy little shading guide that came with it.. That, I also didn't use. I just didn't need it, looking at the diagram and then looking at my bare face, I probably would have looked like pennywise in drag.. maybe. Anyway, I just want to point out that adding contour extended my routine by an hour! Blending everything and correcting the tone? Not a fan of it, but I'll take the teachable moment with a grain of salt, gotta remember not everything in store is made *just for me* haha. Here's what I'm working with:

  • Rimmel ScandalEyes Rockin' Curves Mascara, Carbon Black

   I felt like I had a wet blanket on my face, but you know what they say about beauty being a pain. Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with this look, I feel like I properly channeled the late nineties grunge aesthetic I grew up on. It's funny how little things like that make their way back into your life, I had no idea how affected I was, and it feels like it just crept over me while I was working on this look. This is definitely going into my look book, I am so with it.

Shany Cosmetics Vibraint 120 color Palette Pictoral


   This is my favorite palette so far. It's Shany cosmetics 120 color vibrant palette, I bought it specifically for the row of reds when I was on my red kick. Actually, I haven't even touched the other half of the palette (pictured last, on the right). I like eyeshadow trays with an array of color that stay the matte course, but this is good because each pan is tone specific and the concentrated pigment shows up well on deeper tones of skin without the use of primer ( which I don't recommend). It was nineteen dollars via the wish app, regular retail varies. 

This is one of the looks I created with this palette; I'm working up the gumption to use the greens this summer with some copper shimmer. So far I like every color I've used, and I'm looking forward to exploring the other products That Shany has to offer, including the lipstick collections!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Underage Red


Okay so this is my first ever liquid lipstick. I was trying to hold off on buying one until Jeffree Star's line took off, but it took like a year and my patience wore extra thin so, I bought this as an interim. It's not bad, in fact I even like the other colors this line comes in, but since I don't frequent sephora anymore, that means I'm gonna have to kiss this line goodbye. But first, a review:


So I’ve been seeing a lot of people post about how they want to try Lime Crime but like not really considering their CEO’s rapsheet and general messiness and it seems like it’d be great if there were some other brands with comparable products of equal or greater value. There are!
They have a line of liquid lipsticks that come in quite a few web trending shades and they’re selling for $7.00
Recommended Shades:
Corset, Time Warp, Pop Culture, Bold Spirit
ColourPop Cosmetics
 At $5.00 per tube these colors meet and exceed expectations. These aren’t liquid formulas, but with the depth of color and durability this brand boasts it’s kind of a non-factor 
Recommended Shades: Pitch, Leather, Creature, Feminist
Anastasia Beverly Hills , $20.00

Recommended shades: Sad Girl, Heathers
Coloured Raine Cosmetics , $16.00
Recommended shades:  Electric Raine, Soul, Mars
Makeup Academy , $4.42

Recommended Shades: A Flush, Atomic

Jeffree Star Cosmetics , $18.00
Recommended Shades: I’m Royalty, Unicorn Blood
Dose of Colour Cosmetics, $18.00

I would personally buy them all, I don’t have any color recs here.

Impulse Cosmetics, $6.99

Recommended Shades: Dhalia, Medusa, Melancholy, Agent X
Sleek Makeup, $7.49

Recommended Shades: Fandango Purple, Birthday Suit
3 Concept Eyes, $17~21.00

Recommended Shades: 701  , 702  , Dubious, 807 (All matte with some as crayons)
Makeup Forever HD, $24.00

Recommended Shades: 08 Red, 11 Dark Raspberry
! If you can try it in-store, please do it, colors in some computer monitors may not reflect actual color of products.
bITE Beauty (@ sephora only so far)
Recommended Shades: Port, Crush
Clio Cosmetics,  $17.59

Recommended Shades: Tension Red, Rumor Coral, Toxic Pink
and also there’s a huge pictorial for Sample Hime if you’re looking to buy from overseas

Else, you can direct any questions to my twitter handle, @cloud9kollektiv. Cheers!

Valentia Skincare Even Glow Serum 20 Percent


Good evening lovelies, hope you've been staying warm, safe and hydrated. It's officially Winter in sand land so I'm bundled up to my ears in itchy sweaters. I love the cold weather but I was definitely not built for it. Speaking of things that have made their debut, my Winter skin is here. I'm not excited for flake-y and cake-y to get together on my dime, but I am excited for all the great products I've been trying to combat the duo. Recently, I've become a fan of microdermabrasions, bentonite clay facials, raw nut butters, and vitamin C serums. I've taken a liking to C serums in particular because the help balance my complexion in the colder months when my skin would be more  susceptible to breakouts and inflammation. The one pictured above is from Valentia Skin care, and I'm very excited to share it with you!
    I have been using this serum for three weeks, and I just about swear that there is a second bottle in my future. Since I've used C serums in the past that did not give me anywhere near the results I wanted, I was skeptical about whether or not this product would live up to its acclaim. Not only does it have a five star rating on the market place (the first heads up), it has a great blend of ingredients like sea buck thorn, rose hip oil, and green tea, all great for trouble skin that still needs the kick of vitamin c without the side effects. After reading a directory's worth of positive reviews, it was time to take a leap of faith with this one. I was able to start using it almost immediately since it shipped in two days flat, which is impressive for standard shipping. The carton it came in was a big sell for me, I'm such a  sucker for product design; the golden foil borders and minimalistic typeface just make the whole product seem that much more polished.
     The smell was not my favorite, I'll admit it. A lot of the reviews I read had people raving about how good it smelled, how it was a 'pleasant surprise'. I mean, I do get it, the last vitamin c serum I used smelled like fish skin; I am just not into the smell, very reminiscent of orange starburst. The consistency reminds me more of an emulsion than a serum. Its viscosity is a bit low to be in the serum category, but that's the more accepted terminology, am I right? Anyway, it still absorbs into the skin very quickly so I don't have to massage it in too much, unless I just feel like rubbing on my skin (and it most cases, I do). I can wear this day or night time and it really does give my skin a healthy glow. I didn't get that impression immediately, but even my esthetician complimented me on my complexion after the first week. With two weeks of use, I noticed that the tone and texture of my skin had improved so much that I didn't find using my toner or extra moisturizers to be a necessity in my routine. I still had a few acne clusters in my brow and chin area, but they weren't as easily irritated and I could even have them extracted without worrying about post-acne discoloration.
      Tomorrow will officially be three weeks of using this serum, and I have to say it's definitely become a staple in my skincare routine. It's thirty-five dollars a bottle on Amazon, and it ships prime if I'm not mistaken. I love this stuff but if I can't convince you guys to give it a try then maybe some of the lovely reviewers on amazon can, I know how much you love reading those (just kidding, some of them really are funny). If you've tried this product already, what did your think of it? Let me know in the comment box below.



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